This October, we had the scary good opportunity to work with David Agency/New York + Miami on a new trailer for the iconic game, Clash of Clans, and their Halloween season gaming event, Clash-O-Ween! 

For the ultimate spooky soundtrack, we turned to our Yessian LA Creative Director/Composer, Andy Grush, who has scored numerous horror projects as part of the Newton Brothers including Five Nights At Freddys, The Fall of The House of Usher, Doctor Sleep, and Haunting of Hill House. 

In addition to music, our team got to create a full scene of sound design in order to really get your hair standing up! And the icing on the cake was doing the Voiceover talent casting and recording. 

The Possessed Builder visits players this Halloween. Dare to watch the trailer?

Supercell – Clash of Clans - Clash-O-Ween

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