Looking to feel a little more...close? Our sultry song might just, ahem, get you there. Thanks to everyone at The Joey Company for bringing us in on this new campaign for Trojan.

April 28

Mumbai Days, Bombay Nights. Our sound mix teams have been hard at work bringing our latest 4D animated attraction film to life in Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. Mixing at FutureWorks India and launching soon in Guangzhou, China.

April 26

Happy Easter all you little bunnies 🐰 and chicks 🐣out there. A little easter love coming from our Hamburg studios for Kaufland. Who can resist the smooth vocals of Ricky Nelson's "I Will Follow You". Our latest licensing work.

April 13

Live at the New York International Auto Show, our music is revealing the all-new Toyota USA FT-4X concept car. Sweet tunes by our very own Mike D.

April 12

Say hello to Vinyl Mix, our new audio post company.

April 7

More of our work with The Lincoln Motor Company and Gary Clark Jr for the live Lincoln Sessions concerts - mixed by our very own grammy award winning @Gerard Smerek.

April 5

It's go time!! VINYLmix, our new audio post company has launched in NYC! Get ready to party with us next week featuring the legendary DJ Stretch Armstrong!

March 31

Proud of this work with The Lincoln Motor Company, Hudson Rouge and Gary Clark Jr. Fantastic creative production team Yessian Music and excited to see this in the SHOOTonline Spring 2017 Music Top Ten Chart! Check out the work here:

March 27

We are excited to share some of our recording mastery in the fine city of Budapest. Our project will soon be released in Harbin, China this summer. Big thanks to our partners at PIXOMONDO!!

March 25

Our latest work for Japan Rail and Apple Pay. Tokyo here we come! Great to collaborate with director Kensaku Kakimoto and @KnockOnWood. Song by Mike D at Yessian Music. SuicaとApple Payなら定期券購入もスイスイ。 iPhone 7やApple Watch Series 2で電車に乗れる、買い物ができる、そして簡単にチャージができる。

March 24

Check out our #SXKO 2017 highlights film. Incase you missed the party, you can experience it here in just 1min 17sec. Yessian Music Ntropic Apache Synthetic Pictures Union Editorial

March 16

Epic evening at SXSW! Thank you all for coming and enjoying some amazing tunes by Flint Eastwood, Michigan Rattlers and Gabe Vaughn Dj-Dangit. Our annual #SXKO event with our friends at Ntropic, Apache, Union Editorial and Synthetic Pictures was a blast!

March 13

SXSW - It's time for our annual SXKO (South By Kick Off) Party on Friday March 10th in Austin, TX. This years lineup includes Flint Eastwood, Michigan Rattlers and Gabe Vaughn Dj-Dangit. RSVP at SXKOPARTY.COM

March 7

Check out what we've been up to! Our latest newsletter is now out. VR, The Grammy's, Themed Entertainment...we've got it all!

February 28

Tonight at SOHO House New York! The premiere of GEMA, a new film by director Kenrick Prince (from the Bahamas and granted political asylum in the United States) and Pogo Pictures with editorial by Cutters Studios. It's a finalist in the Atlanta Film Festival. Yessian Music is a proud sponsor of this film.

February 21

Happy Valentines Day! ❤️❤️❤️ In honor of this day of love we teamed with the Snuggle Bear, who has been making our clothing softer for decades, to develop "Snuggle Serenades" song re-arrangements. Head to www.snuggleserenades.com to find out more and create your own! Such a fun project with our partners at: Snuggle, Campbell Ewald​, Cutters Studios, Flavor, and Moonlink Studios​. #SingItSnuggle #YessIAm #yessian

February 14

Our work for The Lincoln Motor Company's flagship, The Continental, debut's on the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs tonight and features the great Gary Clark Jr. Solid team: Hudson Rouge, RadicalMedia LLC, Directors: Josh & Xander, The Mill and Cosmo Street Editorial along with the Yessian Music crew: Marlene Bartos, @gerard smerek, Weston Fonger and Scott Gatteño.

February 12

So, The Lincoln Motor Company built an amp. Yes, a real amp....and we got to help them do this with some of the best people in the business: Exclusive Amps by Fargen & Revel What a ride this has been recording, mixing and producing Gary Clark Jr for the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs and beyond! #ThatsContinental #ThePowerOfSound #YessIAm #yessian

February 11

Fuzz Laser = Gary Clark Jr. And so begins our Grammy weekend journey with The Lincoln Motor Company, Gary Clark Jr, Hudson Rouge and a host of really creative people(Luke, Brett, Mary Ellen, Marlene, Weston, Scott) all recorded, produced and mixed by our very own Grammy Award winning @Gerard Smerek at Yessian Music. Look out for the TV commercial, behind the scenes videos, recorded songs and music videos this weakend on the Grammy's. Oh, and did we mention we partnered in creating a Lincoln Amp developed by Exclusive Amps by Fargen and Revel? #ThatsContinental #ThePowerOfSound #YessianIAm #yessian #GaryClarkJr

February 10

Dream it. Be it. We are so proud to be part of this campaign with the teams at Disney calling out to young girls around the world to go for it. You can be anything you want in life. #DreamBigPrincess #ThePowerOfSound #YessIAm Bravo to our group of kids that sang their hearts out, produced by @Gerard Smerek at Yessian Music.

February 8

Viva México! Our work for Nissan Español together with fluent360/Chicago just scored a nice win at the American Advertising Federation 2017 Mosaic Awards. The film and dance features the greatest goalie in the history of Selección Nacional de México soccer, Oswaldo Sánchez. Go team! Dilam, Hector, Pamela, Jonathan, Michael, Dan.

February 6

Suffering from 8am work emails? Is your morning hell? Taco Bell has got you covered. The latest from team Yessian Music/LA( Michael, Andy, David , Jimmy & Katie). This was a fun one to create with our partners at Deutsch LA, Goodoil Films, Director: Matt Kamen, Cosmo Street Editorial, Method Studios, Company 3 and Lime Studios.

February 3

As a continuation of our Emerald City week, you can now get the full "Portrait of Oz". Just how wonderful IS the Wizard of Oz? Music and Sound Design by Jeff and Filip at Yessian Music together with our partners at NBC.

February 1

Mindless, Heartless and Cowardly. Check out the teaser we created for the new series Emerald City with our partners at NBC. Sound Design and Music by Jeff and Filip at Yessian Music. Follow the yellow brick road.

January 31

ADWEEK - AD OF THE DAY! Wow, we are beyond excited to share this one with the world. A VR experience utilizing the latest mix technologies to create an immersive audio experience so deep, you'd think we needed a submarine to mix it. Strap on your VR headset and noise-cancelling headphones for this one! David GoldAndy GrushKatie OvercashMichael YessianJohn RiddleBrian YessianJeff DittenberWeston FongerBen LantzScott Benveniste GatteñoDan ZankYessian Music http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/ad-day-cisco-gives-360-tour-mind-bending-space-hotel-future-175744 #Cisco #CiscoSpark #SpaceHotel #NeverBetter #GoodbySilverstein #GentlemanScholar #Yessian #LimeStudios #Apache #YessIAm #ThePowerOfSound

January 25