We have been busy preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics together with Intel. The first of a series of films is now live. Thank you mcgarrybowen (Jarrett, Drew, Marianne and the entire MB crew)! Great to collaborate with PRETTYBIRD director Max Malkin and EXILE...plus our gold medal Yessian Music team: Jarrett, Michael, Marlene, Jeff, @Gerard, Brian, Michael

January 19

New work from our Yessian Music Hamburg teams for Detroit! The Mercedes Benz G-Class, one of the most iconic cars was built almost 40 years ago, and remains almost unchanged until today. We're honored to have worked with antoni and SEHSUCHT on this epic tale of timelessness. Just revealed at the North American International Auto Show by none other than Mercedes-Benz chief Dieter Zetsche and the governator Arnold Schwarzenegger!

January 16

We did it! Successful multiple global product launches for Ford Motor Company at the 2018 North American International Auto Show with our friends at Imagination creating the music, sfx, licensing and areawide sound for the press events and public days. Way to go Team Yessian Music! (Jeff, Scott, Lars, Mark, Michael, Michael, Brian, Ben, Mike, Tyler and @Gerard). #MustangBullitt #Ford #YessIAm #yessian #NAIAS2018

January 15

Big props to our Yessian Music/NYC sr. producer, Evelyn Brown McWilliams, on the collaborative music supervisor role she played for Mama Jane. This film is produced by (SLMBR PRTY), directed by, written by, shot by, edited by, and starring ALL WOMEN. Check out the trailer below:

January 8

Before I Wake is out today on Netflix!! You may think this is a horror film, but it is not. So don't be afraid. Watch the entire film and you will understand. Our Yessian Music / West creative director, Andy Grush (Who is also one half of the The Newton Brothers composing duo), co-scored this film with Danny Elfman, starring Kate Bosworth and under the brilliant direction of Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy, Mali Elfman and Jeff Howard. The link to the score is below with a limited number of downloads available.

January 5

Happy New Year! A little sneak peak at what we've been creating with our friends at antoni and Mercedes-Benz for the all new G-Class. We'll share more after January 15th. Stay tuned! #strongerthantime #thepowerofsound

January 2

What a way to end the year. We are beyond excited to share the news that our work for Porsche "High Speed Orchestra" is the #1 Music and Sound track for 2017 on SHOOTonline's Top 5 track list. Thank you to our partners Grabarz & Partner, CZAR.DE, Bacon Production, DELI Creative Collective, Harvest Digital Agriculture GmbH and director Bart Timmer. Full Article here: https://shootonline.com/news/shoots-picks-best-work-2017 Top 5 List: https://shootonline.com/charts/2017-top-five-music-tracks Porsche Film: https://www.yessian.com/medias/porsche-high-speed-orchestra But, wait...there's more! Our work for Mercedes-Benz "King of the City Jungle" is featured in SHOOTonline's 2017 Quarterly Top Ten Music Chart coming in at #2!! It's the 1-2 punch. Thank you to our partners at antoni, Framestore, and director Daniel Kleinman. Top Ten List: https://shootonline.com/charts/quarterly-2017-music-chart Mercedes Film: https://www.yessian.com/medias/mercedes-leon (Yessian Music Hamburg, Ingmar Rehberg, Lukas Lee, Uli Witt, Max Fritz, Michel Riecken, Lennart, Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

December 22

And now Part 2 of our our Banana Republic holiday campaign. The Party. Who doesn't like coming together for some holiday cheer (and drinks...and friends...and family). Music/Sound Design/Mix (Michael, Weston, Vinyl Mix)

December 21

Part 1 of our our Banana Republic holiday campaign. The Arrival. It's time to all come together. Music/Sound Design/Mix ( Michael, Weston, Vinyl Mix)

December 19

Fresh beats out of our Yessian Music Hamburg studios creating some dramatic acceleration for Mercedes-Benz together with antoni and BWGTBLD.

December 15

We all depend on trucks. We are honored to be part of ushering in 100 Years of Chevrolet trucks and reimagining some pieces of history. Working with historical footage, we recreated all the sounds, sound design and music cues to celebrate 100 Years of Silverado with our Yessian Music Detroit team ( Jeff, Scott, Mike, and Dan) Big thanks to the group at Commonwealth//McCann (Scott, Victor, Duffy, Bob, Gary, Vanessa)for bringing us in to fashion the sound on this one together with our partners at Company 3, Method Studios and Arcade Edit.

December 13

We had a blast scoring this Lexus film featuring Minnie Driver for the super extended Lexus RXL with our best buddies at O2 Creative Solutions. Music score by Dan, sound design/mix by Jeff, Mike, and Scott. Big thanks to @Brian, Alex, Kimberly, Erick and Mike for bringing us onboard.

December 6

eurobest Festival of Creativity Bronze winners for Sound Design!! A very powerful project coming out of our Yessian Music Hamburg studios together with our Yessian Music Detroit studios for #CareDontHate. An inspirational collaboration with M&C Saatchi Berlin and Bigfish Filmproduktion. #HateBuildsWalls #TearThemDown

December 5

Oh what a night! 4 wins at #TheDShow for Disney "Dream it Be it", Volvo "ABCs of Death", Chevy Silverado "It's True", and Walmart "Good Times" PLUS Best of the Craft category for Volvo "ABCs of Death"!! Congrats to our Yessian Music teams on a fantastic showing! We Rock!! Big thanks to our amazing partners and clients. #YessIAm #yessian #TheDShow

December 1

We've had the pleasure to host the great Bob Seger at our Yessian Music Detroit studios the last several months recording and mixing for his latest album "I Knew You When" with our very own Grammy award winning mixer and producer, Gerard Smerek. Plus we got a nice little mention in USA TODAY! "Runaway Train and Forward into the Past — plucked from the ‘90s and updated by Seger with engineer-mixer Gerard Smerek at Yessian studios in Farmington Hills." Bob will be back on the road for his global tour in the spring!

November 28

It's that time of year to come together. Celebrate. Cuddle Up. Or maybe put a Banana Republic sweater on. Just say'in. Our latest campaign work for Banana Republic with director Len Peltier and edited by Michael Rothman @ Poem.tv

November 14

WOW! Check out what our Yessian Music Hamburg team just cooked up for TUSH Magazine's Zombie Edition. This infectious track was created by our very own Michel Riecken. Bet you listen twice.

November 9

Think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings. To the stars beyond the blue. There's Neverland waiting for you. When you leave the world behind. You can fly. You can fly. You can fly. Our latest work for Disney Parks and Resorts reimagining "You Can Fly" and "A Whole New World" for their latest brand campaign. Big thanks to our partners at @Disney Yellow Shoes Creative, mcgarrybowen and Whitehouse Post. #PowerOfMagic #YessIAm #yessian

November 6

14 Shortlists for music and sound design at The D Show, plus a SILVER WIN at the London International Awards for our work on Volvo's ABC's of Death. What a week!!

November 2

Spice Spice Baby!🔥🔥🔥The king is turning up the heat! Our latest work for Burger King and DAVID The Agency Miami. Music and Licensing by Yessian Music - Marlene, Lars, Michael, Emily, @Gerard.

November 1

#1 on SHOOTonline's October 2017 Top Ten Music Chart for Porsche "High Speed Orchestra". Big thanks to Grabarz & Partner, CZAR.DE and director Bart Timmer. Article: https://shootonline.com/node/73733 Film:

October 30

🦁There is a NEW king of the (city) jungle! Meet the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with mood changing technology. The lion sleeps tonight. Big thanks to antoni/Berlin and some great VFX work by Framestore. Go team Yessian Music Hamburg: Ingmar, Uli, Lukas, Lennart, Max, and Michel.

October 27

Congrats to our audio assistant Tyler Hoffman on his Camp Kuleshov / AICE win (competition for assistants). 1st place in the Sound Design competition!

October 26

We are proud to partner with Chevrolet FC and inspire young girls from around the world to be whatever they want in life. A doctor, an artist, an engineer, a journalist...#BeAGoalKeeper. Big thanks to Commonwealth//McCann for bringing us in to help inspire these girls to #BeAGoalKeeper.

October 25

We're going global again, and safety is the #1 priority. Our latest on-board work for United Airlines that spans musical flavors from Brazil, Australia, The Arctic, Germany, New York, India, Denver and China. We had a blast working with some amazing musicians and singers from around the world together with our partners mcgarrybowen, Cut + Run, Knucklehead and director Bon Grooger(Ben Gregor). Composed/Arranged by our very own Dan Zank (along with arrangments by Conrad Pope), Sound Designed by Weston Fonger, and mixed by the legendary @GerardSmerek. Time to fly the friendly skies! #unitedairlines #YessIAm #yessian

October 20