Journey with us through the production process of Coca-Cola "MASTERPIECE" . Made together with BLITZWORKS, we had a magical time crafting the musical score, sound design & foley, and the final mix. The cherry on top for this project was getting to record the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

In this first sneak peak, venture behind the conducting podium of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, step into the foley room at Yessian with Director of Sound Design, Jeff Dittenber, or into the studio with Global Creative Director, Gerard Smerek, and Lead Mixer Scott Gatteño, and take in the magic.

– A Behind The Scenes Look at the Magic of Coca Cola 'Masterpiece'

Now, hear from Yessian CCO, Brian Yessian, the Lead Creative from BLITZWORKS, Ajab Samrai, and many more as they walk us through the creative process.

– Coca Cola Masterpiece - Behind the Magic with Yessian Music

We couldn't have asked for a more colorful spot to let our imaginations run wild. We hope you enjoyed these behind the scene looks!

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